Does it Work? Testing the EZ Moves Furniture Slides

Sioux Falls Moving furniture is usually a two person job, sometimes even more for the really heavy pieces. The EZ Moves furniture slides system claims it can help anyone move any-sized furniture on their own.

We tested out at Montgomery’s in Sioux Falls with designer Emily Meyer who moves furniture around the store every day.

Meyer said the system is simple to understand and assemble.

She first tried it out on a large sofa in a carpeted area and had no trouble using the lever to get the pads under the couch. Once the pads were in place, she said it was incredibly easy to move.

“I wish I had this at my house,” Meyer said.

But she ran into a few issues when she tried the lever on some heavier wood furniture on a hard surface.

“It was a little heavier a little hard to get the pads underneath of the furniture,” Meyer said.

She also figured out you also have to have the black wheel on the lever at the exact right angle to give you enough leverage.

But once the pads were in place, Meyer said even the heaviest furniture slides pretty easy.

“I think I can move this wherever I want to,” Meyer said.

In the end Meyer concluded it was a little bit of a work out to get the EZ Moves slides into place on some furniture pieces.

“But none the less, it was something I could do myself, I could move the furniture around, I didn’t need to wait around for another set of hands to help me out or a big strong man, so yes, I think I could use this,” Meyer said.

You can find EZ Moves at most department stores for about 20 bucks.