Face It Together's new home makes fighting addiction brighter

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SIOUX FALLS - Addiction may be a dark and lonely place but getting help doesn't have to be.

KSFY News visited the recovery management center Face It Together.

Its new home in southwest Sioux Falls makes fighting addiction and getting better, brighter.

The new facility is bright, airy and open and the people who are here to lend an ear are just as open about their own past history with addiction.

Recovery coach Jamie Donaldson said "I was really struggling with addiction with drugs and alcohol. My mom had just passed away and I was in a really low spot in my life."

Recovery coach Terri Brown said "I myself have been in prison a couple times. I have 7 DUI's, so I work with a lot of people who have been incarcerated."

The new Sioux Falls home of Face It Together is warm and welcoming. On first impression it's nothing like a typical recovery management center.

"It's more of a bright, airy, upbeat type of environment that people come into, instead of the kind of drab, not so beautiful on the eyes aesthetically. we want to lift up people's spirits," Brown said.

Much of the staff at Face It Together can relate to their clients who are seeking help because most share the same past history with addiction.

"I know the satisfaction I get in recovery. It makes me happy to try to help someone else have a happy life," Brown said.

"The thing with face it together that really helped out is having a constant support, people calling you, being able to come in and talk with someone face-to-face as well as the treatment. It was just a number of things together that really worked together to help me stay clean," Donaldson said.

"it brings tears to my eyes, generally, i'm very empathetic," brown said.

The personal stories coaches share, show how they relate to their clients. Face It Together is not just a name, but a way to help people fight their addictions.

The center offers free recovery coaches and free telephone support to people who need someone to talk while they make their way through the recovery process.