Family speaks out after dog is seized by animal control

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - One Sioux Falls family is happy to have their husky returned after it was seized by animal control.
Despite, how that sounds, they are chalking the experience up to a misunderstanding.
The experience was traumatic for the family.
30 year-old Jessica Swain was arrested in her home, in front of her family.
Her husband says this was after neighbors called animal control on them multiple times for the dog being outside.
But he says the dog is being well taken care of.
The Swain family is facing the thought of future court appearances after what they’re calling a “traumatic weekend”.

“The cops came into my house and arrested my wife right in front of my kids which just blew me away because my wife, she's never done anything wrong to anybody,” Lamar Swain said.

Lamar Swain says the family lets their dog Mickey, play outside in the snow often, but lately, neighbors have been calling the cops on them for doing it.
Sunday, the police showed up after a neighbor called and said Mickey had been outside from 10 in the morning till one in the afternoon.

“Huskies love to be outside for extended periods of time, no matter what the temperature is, but we would never leave him outside intentionally for three or four hours straight without checking up on our dog. There's just no way that would even happen. Every time he goes outside, there's always someone here, there's always someone looking after him,” he explained.

Animal control seized the dog and charged his wife with neglect.
The family got the dog back Monday and Swain would like to set the record straight.

“Our dog is definitely being taken care of and he is definitely healthy. And if he wasn't the Humane Society wouldn't have brought him back home.

“Oh it's very dangerous. You know, animals can get frost bite and hypothermia just like humans can,” Humane Officer Jordan Utech explained.

According to Sioux Falls humane officers, animals must be given certain comforts when it's this cold outside.

“What you want to do is have a shelter and water available for the dog,” Utech said.

The complaint stated, Mickey didn’t have water or shelter.
Even though the Swains say they check on their dog often when he is outside, they are making sure animal control won’t be knocking on their door anytime soon.

“It's just hard to fathom that I’m even talking to you guys about this right now. Like I said, we'll have the dog house, we'll have a mat in the dog house for him, and we'll have the water outside,” Swain explained.