Frederick community moves to save store

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FREDERICK - The Frederick Community Store is in trouble. During their annual meeting in March, board members realized revenue was down and needed to do something to fix it, or close the convenience store.

The store is managed by its board members and they've enlisted a group of volunteers to help throughout the week.

The store is the go-to spot for coffee-loving residents, school children looking for afternoon snacks, and elderly people who no longer drive. It's also in danger of shutting down.

"With Aberdeen being so close and people work there, a lot of them do their shopping there because they're there," says Roger Nixon, the president of the board's store.

The store's revenue has been going downhill for several years, but recent low profits have forced the store to rely on the community for upkeep.

The volunteers run the till, stock shelves and monitor expired food. They've also hired one couple to manage the store whenever they can't.

"We're excited about it and we're hoping that it'll help us become more attached to the community because we're new to the area," says Donanne Fugman, the woman who has been hired to run the store along with her husband Tim Fugman.

There are about 250 residents in Frederick, and some fear losing the store will have a snowball effect.

"The grocery stores open keep the gas station open, it helps the community, because then we're not quite as dependent on commuting someplace else to get what we need," says Tim.

"People run to Aberdeen and they pick up their groceries, but we've got a lot of community pride going now and that I think we can push through this," says Karen Brotzel, the board's vice president.

The board members say there have been more customers lately now that they have more volunteers. They're hoping to see an increase in sales by the end of April.