Local artists gather to set up shop on Kiosk Thursday

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SIOUX FALLS - If you've been looking for a gift for someone who is difficult to shop for, Thursday might be your day.

It's Kiosk Thursday, a day when local vendors and artists come together to sell their goods.

It's a chance for local retailers who might not have a traditional storefront to set up shop for a day at Fresh Produce, located inside the Gourley Building in downtown Sioux Falls.

Fresh Produce writer Brian Bieber said "we read about Kiosk Thursday online a few years ago, and kind of loved the idea of celebrating these smaller vendors, and so that's why we decided to put together an event of our own."

This event is the third annual Kiosk Thursday hosted by Fresh Produce.

Every year, the Thursday after Thanksgiving, we open up the space to local vendors who have something to sell, in a compact area, and we make a day of it," Bierber added.

A wide variety of local vendors gather on Kiosk Thursday to sell the best of what they have to offer.

"We'll have everything from specialty clothes and t-shirts, to original art prints, to books and vinyl LPs . The folks from Total Drag are going to be here, and they're also going to be spinning records so it will be a lot of fun and a lot of variety. there's something for everyone," Bieber said.

Kiosk Thursday is an event which continues to grow in size.

"It's gotten bigger every year, and I think this might be our year where it could get a little bit big. It might get a little out of hand, so we're hoping we have enough cookies and cider for everyone," Bieber said.

Shoppers can expect to find more than just the perfect gift at Kiosk Thursday.

"We'll have cookies and apple cider, probably coffee, and a few other surprises, some giveaways throughout the day" Bieber said.

Artists will have items for sale from about 11:00 am until 6:00 pm Thursday, at fresh produce, located inside the Gourley Building in downtown Sioux Falls.