One Day Getaway: The Historic Calumet Inn Restaurant

The KSFY News team can't travel to Pipestone without checking out the best eats in the area. If you ask anyone, the Calumet Inn sits pretty high on the list. It's an old American-style restaurant and steakhouse with a focus on homemade dishes which sets it apart from the rest.

Tucked inside the historic Calumet Inn hotel, the restaurant is one of a kind.

"We do rib-eye, sirloin, flatirons, stir-fry, fettuccine, wraps, a variety of options. Breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday thru Sunday," Executive Chef Chaz Barnfather said.

Executive Chef Chaz Barnfather tells us what makes the Calumet Inn so unique.

"A lot of our stuff is from scratch. All our vegetables are hand-cut. Our steaks are all hand-cut, none of its prepackaged," Barnfather said. "We like to put the emphasis on home cooking, so a lot of homemade things instead of frozen, processed garbage."

The hotel itself is a standout in the community. It was constructed back in 1887. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Calumet Inn was hailed one of the finest hotels in Southwestern Minnesota. It's 4-stories high with 35 rooms. While some of them are undergoing renovations to become a little more modern, the antique feel will always be around.

"It's the little gem of the prairie. A big building in the middle of a small town, people are curious about it. Staff is friendly. We all get along great," Barnfather said.