Pavilion Spotlght: Bullets Over Broadway March 12-13

Bullets Over Broadway is loaded with big laughs, colorful characters and songs that made the 1920s roar.

As part of the highly-acclaimed Washington Pavilion Performance Series, the show will be in Sioux Falls March 12-13 bringing musical comedy back with a bang.

"It's about a writer who gets involved with a mob and the crazy shenanigans that go along with that in New York City in the 1920's," Husby Performing Arts Center Assistant Manager TJ Polzin said. "It's your idea of a classic Broadway musical. It has flapper girls, dancers, costumes from the 1920's, music from the 1920's, everything what you would think of when you think Broadway musical in NYC."

Written by Woody Allen, with original direction and choreography by Susan Stroman and based upon the screenplay of the acclaimed film by Woody Allen and Douglas McGrath, Bullets Over Broadway is the story of a young playwright who, in desperate need of financial backing for his next show, accepts an offer he can't refuse from a mobster looking to please his showgirl girlfriend.

"It's their first Broadway tour. Never been to Sioux falls so you'll have the opportunity to see something you've never seen before. Step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of this great show at the Washington Pavilion," Polzin said. "Shows like 42nd Street and White Christmas, this all falls along in the same category as those shows. If you enjoy shows like that, you'll definitely enjoy Bullets Over Broadway."