Pavilion Spotlight: The Wonder Bread Years April 2nd

A fresh and funny salute to Americana, The Wonder Bread Years starring former Seinfeld writer Pat Hazell is a fast-paced, hilarious production that gracefully walks the line between stand-up and theater.

The show will be in Sioux Falls Saturday night, April 2nd at the O'Gorman High School's Dr. Tom and Penny Lorang Theatre.

The Wonder Bread Years is considered the comic bulls-eye for baby boomers everywhere.

"I'm a big fan of flashback humor and nostalgia. It's all about watching the same TV shows, eating the same kind of food, cereal prizes. Sitting at the kids table, riding in the back of the country squire wagon," Pat Hazell said.

Hazell, a former writer for hit sitcom Seinfeld, is bringing a show that has been enjoyed by thousands.

"I'm particularly proud that the comedy is broad and clean enough that it can reach most ages. It's a fairly universal topic about growing up and coming of age," Hazell said.

Using family slides, home movies and telling stories, Hazell brings a simple yet unique approach to comedy theater.

"There's something very fun about seeing comedy as a community as an audience. Relating to things, finding common denominators. It doesn't matter if you're 65 or 25. There's still a time that you were 5. I think people really get invested in hearing stories that take them back."

"I got a compliment from Jerry Seinfeld when I was a writer on his show. He called it 'milk-snorting funny' like the highest level of funny at the kids table during Thanksgiving. That endorsement is one I'm flattered by and one I appreciate," Hazell said.

Catch Hazell in The Wonder Bread Years at 7:00 p.m. Saturday April 2nd. For tickets and information, visit the link to the right side of this page.