Pavilion's Toll to step down at the end of 2015

There's a big change in leadership at the Washington Pavilion. Co-President Larry Toll is stepping down at the end of this year.

Toll, who is a native of Dubuque Iowa, has been in the position for more than 6 years. At 67-years-old he says it's time to step down. In addition to his role at the Pavilion, he's actively sitting on a number of boards within the community.
The Board of Trustees says his involvement, with strategic partnerships he's initiated and nurtured, will benefit the pavilion for years to come. "It's a perfect time for a transition. We've got a great leadership team here. Good time for the board and my co-president to work through a transition and do it in such a way that the Pavilion doesn't miss a beat."

Co-President Scott Peterson will continue exploring candidates to insure the Pavilion's activities continue with its growing success.