Protecting property during summer storms

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Severe weather can wreak havoc on vehicles.
It's something many of us learned the hard way because of a hail storm in June of 2014.

During severe weather like a hail storm, drivers should get their car to a garage, but people can't always do that.
Fortunately, there are some other ways to still protect vehicles during a damaging summer storm.

It’s that time of year again. South Dakota residents know the weather can change quickly and it's smart to be prepared for severe weather.

“Making sure that I have all my windows closed, making sure that I have not only my car, but also my kids' things put away,” Tara Kilmer said.

The hail storm that hit the Midwest back in June 2014 was a prime example of how important this is.
Hundreds of cars were pummeled as the front moved through the area.

“I had just purchased a brand new Kia Optima and not even a week after I bought it the major hail storm happened and I actually ended up having like seven thousand dollars in hail damage,” Zach Wiseman said.

He’s a sales consultant for Jerry's Automotive.
Wiseman says he learned his lesson and now he helps make sure this won’t happen to others.
He recommends if severe weather is on the way, park somewhere covered.

“Find your local bank, a gas station,” he explained.

If drivers can’t find cover, Wiseman says people can take blankets or even floor mats and lay them over the top of their vehicles to protect them from hail damage.

“Anything just to cushion your vehicle will prevent hail damage,” he said.

Because preventing costly damage protects your car and your wallet.

“It happens and now it's like oh well now I got that expense that I have to try to take care of and manage,” Kilmer said.

Wiseman also says to make sure to take time for maintenance and upkeep of vehicles.
Checking tire treads, air pressure and fluids also can make a big difference when people travel this summer.