Record RV Sales Welcome News for Local Dealers

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SIOUX FALLS - If you're headed west on Interstate 90 to see the buffalo at Custer state park this summer, chances are you'll hit some traffic. RV traffic.

Sales are booming.

Nationally, Since the economic downturn in 2009, sales of towable RV's (including folding trailers, truck campers and travel trailers) rose nearly 47 percent.

And the impact can be felt locally. Just ask Don Claussen with Leisure Travel Vans.

"2016 what we're saying right now is people down sizing from the big Class A, they had the big Class A Motor homes. They want to be able to get into the state parks. So many beautiful state parks out there that they can't get into with the big bosses. "

And while larger RV sales have increased slowly, smaller, easy to tow trailers and campers have been the focus of the major boom.

"Affordability is a huge part of it." says Schaaps RV Traveland Co-Owner Lyle Schaap.

"The ease of getting around. Smaller vehicles that are more comfortable to take anywhere. Whether it's our national parks whether it's across the state to the black hills. Or whether it's out for just day A short weekend or going away for a few hours away."

And forecasters are predicting a record 2016, with a projected shipment of more than 350,000 units to RV dealers across the country.

So the next time you are headed down I-90 to see the buffalo graze... Keep your eyes and ears open for those happy campers.