The search for Rachel Cyriacks continues

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WOONSOCKET - Two years ago, a Woonsocket woman went missing.

Rachel Cyriacks was last heard from on November 13th, 2013.

There are many theories about what happened to her, but no suspects have been identified or arrests have been made so far.

Two years after Rachel's disappearance, clues continue to pour into the Sanborn County Sheriff's Office in Woonsocket.

What led to the disappearance of Rachel Cyriacks is a question her friends and family, as well as Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley would like to know the answer.

Sheriff Fridley said there are several theories: was Rachel thrown in the James River, was she buried, or possibly run over.

Clues like a special quit given to Rachel haven't led anywhere, but the case file continues to grow as Rachel's husband remains a person of interest.

Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley said "she was at Performance Pet, and then hadn't returned to work. She was in Huron the day he got out of jail."

"Sometimes a lead comes in and it points to another person, so we look at it and try to evaluate. Maybe we missed that person to begin with. Maybe it's just an accomplice, or someone that maybe should know something," Sheriff Fridley said.

"People are still thinking about it. There's optimism that maybe one of the puzzle pieces will come sliding in," Sheriff Fridley added.

The Sanborn County Sheriff hopes continuing to talk about Rachel's disappearance will jog someone' s memory with the right clue to solve the case.

While the Sanborn County Sheriffs office continues to investigate, they are not the only ones interested in finding Rachel.

Good friends don't always come easy. It's why Jennifer Hiles deeply misses her friend Rachel.

Close friend Jennifer Hiles said "it still hurts, mostly it's frustrating because it's been so long but it's still an open case."

Sheriff Tom Fridley has collected a patchwork of clues, including the quilt given to Rachel. Several leads led the sheriff's office to search the James River.

"We're just not letting anything slip by, whether it's on land or water, because we're trying to put the pieces together," Sheriff Fridley said.

"Tips keep coming forward. Everybody is extremely grateful for that, but on the other hand I know that there are people out there that still know something. I just want to tell them to come forward," Hiles said.

Sheriff Fridley has compiled statements from more than 50 witnesses.

"Some of the notes are real organized, others aren't, but we try to keep them in a location when we get a clue," Sheriff Fridley said.

It"s why two years to the day since Hiles' friend Rachel went missing that she remains hopeful.

"I still feel like we'll find her someday, as long as people keep coming forward," Hiles said.

Anyone who has information which could help law enforcement solve this case, is asked to call the Sanborn County Sheriff's office at 605-796-4511.