Twin baby girls from Pierre fight Leukemia together

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Pierre, SD At just three months old, twins Kenedi and Kendal Breyfogle are just wrapping up their first round of chemo treatments.

The Breyfogle family says the twins were born at 33 weeks and spent a month in the NICU in Sioux Falls, before heading home to Pierre. But after only a few weeks at home, their parents noticed sores on both girls that doctors dianosed as leukemia--a strain that is normally only found in adults.

"The fact that they're identical twins makes them like one in this sense...and then to be diagnosed so early is extremely uncommon, its not unheard of but its extremely uncommon," dad Aaron Breyfogle said.

The girls and their mom are now at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for months of chemo treatments; Dad and big sister will continue to make trips back and forth from Pierre to support these infant twins as they battle cancer.

"The amount of support we've already received from our families and the entire Pierre community is just amazing, its incredible the amount of support we've already received," Breyfogle said.

Businesses all over Pierre are holding benefits for the girls over the next few weeks.

There is also a Go-Fund-Me account set up that has raised more than $15,000.

You can also follow the Twins' Facebook page called Twice the Fight, where you can read updates on their progress.