Vandals cause $25,000 in damage to Sioux Falls car dealership

Tonight a Sioux Falls car dealership is hoping security camera video will lead them to the suspects who vandalized 20 cars on their lot last night, leaving behind a $25,000 trail of damage.

The security camera video shows off clearly what happened: two people making their way through the Schulte Subaru lot near 18th and Minnesota:
One of them leaping from car roof to car roof. That same person also shown later to body slam themselves on another car. All the while, it appears the duo was taking either pictures of video the entire time.

"It's one of those things that's prettty mindless. You know vandalism obviously is very frustrating." Dealership co-owner Mike Schulte says the vandals ended up dinging, denting and damaging about 20 cars on this one spree.
And the work to fix these cars can't begin until police complete their initial investigation. "It's time consuming to get 20 of them done."

The dealership's lot is well lit; you can see that from the video.
In fact, it was a passerby who saw this happenening about 8:30 last night that called police and let them know what was happening.

"We're trying to get know..don't take your frustrations or anger out on other people's property." Schulte thinks because the vandals were taking pictures that something might show up on social media.
He's hoping so. He's offering an incentive to help the search for the suspects. "We're hoping that somebody sees it someplace and we are offering a $1,000 reward for the first good tip that leads to finding the individual or individuals that did the damage."

Schulte says the security camera video they have has been shared with Sioux Falls Police. They're also hoping school resource officers see the video as the suspects look to be of high school age.