WEB EXTRA: Building the new KSFY

Continuing our WEB EXTRA updates on KSFY.com, we took another look inside the future home of KSFY, Friday May 6th.

Courtney Collen joined KSFY President and General Manager Jim Berman for a quick tour of the new digs. Things are progressing nicely!

While a lot hasn't changed in seven days, the focus was on what you don't typically see. Things that happened this week included the early stage installation of sheet rock, heating and air conditioning units, electrical elements, water, pipes and others.

Right now, a lot of the HVAC equipment is being stored in what will soon be KSFY's state-of-the-art news studio. A lot of that HVAC equipment is being installed in the 'rack room' where the computer and other tech-related gear needs to be kept cool at all times.

The second floor will house sales and executive offices. The entrance includes its own reception area followed by offices, a break room and a large conference room.