Watertown just three days away from President Obama's visit

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In just three days, President Barack Obama can check South Dakota off his list -- officially visiting all 50 states during his presidency.

The president will be addressing the graduates of Lake Area Technical Institute, a school he says is preparing students with the skills they need to compete in the 21st century economy.

President Obama will be arriving at the Watertown Regional Airport between 3 and 3:30 Friday afternoon.

Around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, a US Air Force plane landed in Watertown to deliver various vehicles and other supplies for the president's visit.

Like so many others in Watertown, Mayor Steve Thorson is anxiously waiting for Obama's arrival.

"This is so exciting right now. We're actually still out there -- we're painting the streets, getting the yellow strips and white stripes in there and we're actually still cleaning some of the streets that are possible routes that the president is going to take once he lands in Watertown," said Mayor Thorson.

Thorson says people will be able to watch at the president lands at the Watertown Regional Airport.

"There's going to be space available at the airport where they can go. They'll be up to a thousand people that can sit and literally watch the plane come in and so that is set up. They will probably be 300 feet from the president," said Thoson.

And of course at Lake Area Tech, the presidential visit is on everyone's mind.

"We're excited. Were humbled," said Luanne Strait, LATI director of student services.

Strait says there is still a lot of preparation to do for graduation.

"Typically some of the students don't walk for graduation and this year they're really interested in walking which we're very excited about. We're glad they are and so just the sheer number has been a bit of a challenge for us," said Strait.

The mayor says the secret service hasn't told him which route the president will take from the Watertown Airport to the Civic Arena but he says you probably have a one in four chance of guessing it.

"It's pretty obvious. You would take a look at 14th Ave. and 10th Ave. and possibly 3rd.Ave. There aren't a lot of routes in town that come from the airport into Lake Area Tech," said Thorson.

And no matter what route these graduates take after their time at Lake Area Tech, they likely won't soon forget the president's speech.