Woman's body found in Sioux Falls apartment

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SIOUX FALLS - Sioux Falls police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body in what an officer calls an unattended death.

It happened in the 600-block of South Third Avenue in Sioux Falls. Many neighbors saw police activity outside their apartment building, as they started their day Tuesday morning.

Throughout the day, several officers could be seen arriving to investigate what led to the death of a woman.

Neighbors were somewhat shaken up by the sight of police cars outside their apartment building, but some say they're not quite surprised about the couple involved.

Neighbor Devon Dikstaal said "we just got up this morning, normal morning, everything was fine, brought my kids to school, to Garfield Elementary, and came back to cops, an ambulance and fire truck, and that's when we ran into our landlord and he had told us that she had passed."

With so many police cars outside their front door, neighbors knew something must have went wrong inside their apartment building.

Neighbor Kayla Severson said "waking up to cops, and ambulance everywhere, it was kind of crazy, but I'm glad my kid was in school, the one that understands, just wondering what went on, it was just nuts."

Sioux Falls police call this investigation into the discovery of a woman's body, an unattended death, but already it has some neighbors planning their next move.

"I actually was in the process of looking for a new place. Now, I'm going to speed up that process pretty fast. I've tried to get her out of here because of this happening all the time," Severson said.

"It's a good neighborhood like i said, but there's just too much drama, scary stuff," Dikstaal said.

Several neighbors say they were disturbed by the relationship between the dead woman and her boyfriend, and by what they saw and heard here.

"Always, always fighting. I've never seen them on good terms. I'm sure they have been, and they are, sometimes like every couple, but I've never seen a plus side to them, ever, it's always just fighting," Severson said.

"I've heard people getting raided in these apartments, and a lot of cops, a lot of cops. Sometimes, all of us neighbors say they should just put a police station right over here so they can respond right away," Dikstaal said.

"It's just so scary, knowing something. You know, I know what I think in which way it went, and if that's right, that's the scariest thing ever," Severson said.

One neighbor said he heard the woman's boyfriend being questioned by officers. Police have not named a suspect as the death has not been ruled a homicide at this time.

Police are waiting for autopsy results to determine what led to the woman's death.