Young girl collects toys for Shriner's hospital

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ABERDEEN - At a time when Gabby needed all her strength to prepare for another surgery, she was worried about the other children undergoing surgeries.

Gabby Warrey was born with twisted thigh bones that made her trip over her own feet when she walked. After several consultations she was referred to the Shriner's hospital in Minneapolis, where they decided she needed surgery.

"They cut the thighbone, they replace the hip in the hip socket, and they reattach the leg straight with a plate with five screws," says Alisha Warrey, Gabby's mother.

Shriner's gives toys to children after their visit, but Gabby noticed there weren't as many choices as usual.

"I told mom, mom can I we please bring some toys back to the hospital?" Gabby remembers asking.

From there they set up donation boxes at the Shriner's center, the Hitch N' Post in Aberdeen, and other stores. The outpouring of support and toys was more than Gabby could imagine.

"Over one hundred," says Gabby.

"Way over one hundred," Alisha corrects her. "I'm thinking it was probably close to maybe three thousand."

Alisha says the hospital supported them nonstop, so she jumped at the chance to give back.

"They pay for our rooms, they reimburse us for gas," says Alisha. "The staff there is absolutely wonderful, they all love what they do."

"We're glad to have Gabby as a patient, and it really means a lot to us to be able to help all these kids out there," says Devin Reints, the Potentant from the Yelduz Shriner.

Gabby will have to go back to the Shriner's hospital for a second surgery this June.