Green Bay Gamblers vs. Sioux Falls Stampede 11.16.19

Sat Nov 16 21:43:32 PST 2019

Green Bay Gamblers vs. Sioux Falls Stampede 11.16.19

Great Shots grand opening

The new golfing driving range extravaganza, Great Shots, opens its doors Friday. It houses a driving range, multiple bars with food and drinks, a golf academy and much more. The doors open for the first time at 11:00 a.m.

Austad's Tour Fitting Experience is tailoring clubs to the golfer

Great Shots features Austad's Tour Fitting Experience, which helps build clubs fitted to the golfer. Using a tracking screen hocked up to a computer program, professionals can track your shot, make adjustments to your swing, and tailor clubs to your style.

Sanford Power Golf Academy at Great Shots

Great Shots opens Friday and includes a lot more than just a driving range, like the Sanford Power Golf Academy. The academy offers lessons to improve your game and a practice green that is literally mapped out. Great Shots opens its doors at 11:00 a.m.

Community Theatre in Corson

The community theatre in Corson, The Mighty Corson Art Players, debut a play Friday night for the holidays.


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